Our Mission

The Trade Hub’s mission is to empower the West African private sector to meet some of the region’s most pressing sustainable development challenges.

About the Trade Hub

For sustainable economic growth in West Africa, businesses need the capacity to produce, process and sell high-quality goods to meet market demand. The Trade Hub’s Co-Investment fund will be directed to private sector partners—particularly innovative small and mid-sized firms—with the potential to make a positive impact on the economy and leverage significant private investment. These businesses will receive technical assistance before, during and after their partnerships with the Trade Hub to ensure they can scale up and contribute to larger economic transformation in West Africa. The Trade Hub also supports research and development initiatives in Nigeria to introduce new ideas and technological advancements in the agriculture sector.

The Trade Hub has three primary objectives during this five-year activity for the West Africa region:

1. Generate $300 million of new private investment thanks to its Co-Investment fund
2. Create 40,000 new jobs with at least 50% dedicated to women
3. Increase the value of regional and international exports, particularly to the United States thanks to AGOA.



Social Responsibility

The Trade Hub is dedicated to ensuring that partnerships towards economic growth are also inclusive, sustainable, and equitable. With its partners, we ensure that all of our activities have a positive social impact, notably for women and youth. Empowering women as decision-makers is key, as bringing more women into the formal economy is central to the Trade Hub’s philosophy. In addition to supporting women-owned businesses and job creation for women, in accordance with the U.S. Government’s Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiative (WGDP), the Trade Hub also helps support better integration of the youth in the workforce (ages 15 to 29).

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