In Ghana, the Trade Hub will encourage private-sector growth in strategic export-oriented sectors including, but not limited to, agriculture and agricultural processing, services to enable greater exports, garment and apparel production, and light manufacturing. The Trade Hub will also support industries that improve the enabling environment for private sector growth such as affordable energy services, including renewable energy, and logistics to stimulate trade and exports.  The Trade Hub will promote activities that increase trade between Ghana and international markets, notably the United States under AGOA in accordance with the Prosper Africa initiative.

The Trade Hub is seeking partners poised to make catalytic investments driving large-scale development impacts in Ghana, including new job creation and private investment, higher household incomes, enhanced productive capacity, and export expansion. All viable export-oriented activities with catalytic potential will be well considered. Potential co-investments in Ghana may also include the following:

● Focus on high-priority value chains: Maize, shea, soy, cowpea, groundnut, fish, and high-value export commodities (including horticulture
● Activities including women and youth-owned businesses, and/or support job creation, capacity building, and income generation for women and youth.
● Activities that align with Prosper Africa, or Global Food Security Strategy initiatives
● Other export-oriented activities outside these strategic value chains and regions.
● Impact on the 17 USAID/Ghana Global Food Security Strategy Zone of Influence districts in the Northern, Upper East, and Upper West regions.