The Trade Hub aims to co-invest in activities that contribute to; creating new jobs, generating high levels of private investment, increasing the value of exports and/or sales, empowering women and the youth, and introducing innovations to modernize agriculture.

The eligible partners include; private sector companies, research institutions, and universities, and Non-profit and for-profit organizations.

West Africa Trade and Investment Hub: Annual Program Statements



Concepts to increase agricultural productivity and profitability of smallholder farmers in Nigeria should focus on; Rice, Maize, Aquaculture, Soybean and, Cowpea. The concept to expand regional and international export opportunities in West Africa should focus on; food ingredients, processed foods, apparel, and accessories value chains.

Partners will have the opportunity to access a dollar-to-dollar matching contribution of up to $2 million. And, these funds can be used to grow and upgrade businesses, expand corporate social responsibility projects, or conduct research and development to pursue market and technological innovations in the agriculture sector. Through the Co-Investment Fund the Trade Hub the Trade Hub is expected to spark more than $300 million in private sector investment.

The Co-Investment Process

Step 1: Click here to register your company/institution on the System for Managing Activities, Reporting, and Tracking (SMART) platform to determine your eligibility.

Step 2: Following registration, applicants will review guidelines and submit a brief concept note or application.

Step 3: If you submitted a concept note and your firm is selected, you will be asked to complete a full application. Technical assistance will be provided, if necessary.

Step 4: Applications will be reviewed and due diligence completed.

Step 5: Award recipients will be notified.

Step 6: Partners will be administered funds, receive technical assistance and monitor key indicators.

Step 7: Co-investment program will be closed out, and partners will submit a report showing the impact on key indicators, such as business revenue, job creation, increase in volumes produced for domestic consumption or exported, etc.

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