Kudos to our co-investment partners and their teams for the transformational impact they are spearheading across West Africa!

In a world where collaboration is often the key to success, celebrating our partnerships and their profound impact on sustainable economic growth is both timely and essential. The USAID West Africa Trade & Investment Hub’s (Trade Hub’s) partnerships with 93 private sector companies have been catalysts for positive change, driving innovation and fostering locally-led developments impacting food security, climate change, social inclusion, productivity, competitiveness, and regional and international trade.

Our co-investment partnerships have continued to make thriving efforts to ensure transformational impacts and development in their different spheres. Our strategic goal from the start of this year has been to showcase our co-investment partners and their incredible achievements to a variety of audiences, highlighting their results and lessons learned. Just recently, on September 6 -7, 2023, we successfully hosted a strategic learning event themed: “Leveraging Private Sector Engagement to Promote Sustainable Impact.”

Capturing a moment of collaboration and knowledge exchange at the Trade Hub Learning Event in Abuja, Nigeria, featuring Trade Hub Grantees, the USAID Team, the Trade Hub Management Team, Nigerian Government Officials, and the Mission Director USAID/Nigeria. Photo by Randy Haniel, for the Trade Hub

At this event, 25 of our co-investment partners from across the region gathered with representatives from USAID, Creative Associates International, other multilateral organizations, and government officials. The goal was to exchange knowledge, learn from one another, and capture the lessons that have been drawn from the USAID-supported Trade Hub. Through engaging presentations and multimedia displays, panel discussions, and opportunities for networking and knowledge sharing, all attendees had the opportunity to further leverage the investments of the major stakeholders to continue the work of sustainable development.

The Trade Hub, a five-year Activity launched in 2019, has continued to bolster economic growth and locally led developments in the region. The Learning Event was a great opportunity to learn directly from the co-investment partners about the great work and achievements of these partnerships. As of the end of August, these co-investment partners had generated more than 60,000 new jobs, $158 million in exports, and $463 million in regional sales of agricultural commodities; and have unlocked more than $319 million in private-sector investment.

By harnessing the power of collaboration, innovation, and transformation, these co-investment partners’ catalytic business innovations, new technologies, and impact-driven activities are driving developments in local communities, tackling some of humanity’s most pressing challenges, from food security to clean energy to market accessibility, to increased productivity, and access to affordable, quality healthcare. While we celebrate our co-investment partners and their impactful contributions, it is crucial to recognize the continuing challenges they have encountered and the rising socioeconomic risk factors challenging businesses globally and in the region. Despite these challenges, the partners have continued to make great strides towards achieving their results. We will continue to support and coordinate with the partners to ensure the successful completion of their grant activities.

In this edition of The Hub Newsletter, you will learn more about the great achievements of our co-investment partners and the progress they are making in advancing sustainable development in West Africa.