4 weeks ago
Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal
4 weeks ago
Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal

Grants Associate – West Africa

4 weeks ago
Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal

Creative Associates International – West Africa Trade and Investment Hub hiring Grants Associate.

Location: West Africa

Reporting: The Grants Associate reports directly to the Trade Hub’s Grants Director.

Position Overview

To support the pre-award stage, the Grants Associate works directly with Trade Hub technical staff to develop final grant packages for USAID approval as applicants clear the full application and due diligence stages of the grants process. This is a critical role that requires excellent writing/copyediting skills, high attention to detail, and the ability to synthesize information from prior pre-award documents (e.g., the technical application and work plan) into the program description, milestone schedule, and annexes comprising the final grant agreement.

In addition to the grant agreement, the Grants Associate finalizes the grant negotiation memo documenting the pre-award process leading up to the grant approval request and conducts a final review of the grant budget. The Grants Director then reviews the grant packages, liaises with the Grants Associate on edits, and facilitates the final submission to the USAID Contracting Officer. To support the post-award stage, the Grants Associate assists with HQ-based grant payments, grant modifications (as needed), and grant closeouts. The Trade Hub seeks a candidate bilingual in French and English.


Liaise with technical staff to prepare final grant agreements based on applications co-created, negotiated, and finalized between the Trade Hub and successful applicants during the pre-award process. This includes finalizing language for the following key sections of the Project Description, ensuring they are logically linked and clearly and succinctly describe the proposed project:

  • Project Background & Market Analysis
  • Project Goal & Objectives
  • Project Activities
  • Project Deliverables/Outcomes
  • Gender and Youth Approach
  • Project Beneficiaries


  • For fixed amount awards, prepare the milestone schedule for the grant agreement based on the finalized work plan and budget.
  • Liaise with monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL) staff to incorporate the final MEL indicators as an annex to the agreement, confirming that they sync with the Program Description.
  • Review and formula check the final grant budget and budget narrative, ensuring all line items are sufficiently justified (allowable, allocable, and reasonable) and that the final grant amounts match the amounts in the agreement. Liaise with technical and grants staff to resolve any errors.
  • Review and copyedit the final budget narrative, ensuring that it sufficiently justifies costs negotiated in the final budget. Furthermore, ensure all grant amounts in the grant agreement match the final negotiated grant budget, liaising with technical and grants staff to resolve any errors.
  • Liaise with grants and technical staff to prepare the grant negotiation memo, which captures and explains each step in the pre-award process that led to the final selection of the applicant for the award.
  • Professionally format the budget, grant negotiation memo, and all sections of the grant agreement, including the various annexes (e.g., the Marking & Branding Plan, Certifications, and Provisions)
  • Support with a final review of Memorandums of Understanding developed by grants staff prior to final signature and inclusion in the grant approval package.
  • Liaise with HQ Finance and the field team to facilitate timely approvals for HQ-based grant payments
  • Support with desk reviews and spot checks in SharePoint and the Trade Hub’s grants management system to ensure audit readiness of grant files and records.
  • Coordinate with Grants Managers to ensure timely closeout of grants
  • Identify/resolve any issues that may impact timely closeout of grants with support from the Grants Director as needed

Requirements & Qualifications

  • Each shortlisted candidate will be required to take a brief written test demonstrating her/his capacity in the following areas:
  • Exceptional writing skills with a proven ability to synthesize and/or reorganize information from multiple sources.
  • The high degree of comfort professionally formatting documents in Microsoft Word and Excel
  • High attention to detail as it relates to catching typos, mathematical errors, contradictory language, and/or incorrect verb tenses.

Additional requirements and qualifications include the following:

  • Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to effectively coordinate and communicate virtually (e.g., through Zoom or Microsoft Teams) with colleagues across multiple countries and time zones
  • Fluency in written French and English
  • Prior grants experience under a USAID-funded grants program preferred
  • Working knowledge of ADS 303, 2 CFR 200, and other rules and regulations governing USAID’s grants processes preferred
  • Experience developing milestone schedules for fixed amount awards preferred

How to Apply

Interested candidates should send their CVs as one document either in PDF or word format to Recruit@westafricatih.com on or before 29th March 2021.

Creative Associates International is an Equal opportunity player.

Mail your resume to recruit@westafricatih.com