Applications must address all of the requirements of the Terms of Reference and include all of the information/documents requested at Section 7.

Background Overview of the West Africa Trade and Investment Hub

The USAID-funded West Africa Trade and Investment Hub (hereinafter referred to as the Trade Hub) is a five-year, $140 million trade and investment facilitation activity that seeks to improve private sector competitiveness in West Africa through a market-based approach. By working in partnership with the private sector and fostering co-investments, the project will generate new private-sector capital investment into key sectors to create jobs and increase trade between the U.S. and West Africa, including through increased utilization of the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA). The project comprises of three main components:

Design and administration of a Co-Investment Fund for private sector partnerships, including a portion for partnerships in Research and Development (R&D) towards innovating and modernizing practices in Nigeria across five targeted value chains;

Technical assistance (TA) that directly supports, coordinates, and engages with qualifying recipients (i.e., partners and grantees) to achieve USAID’s trade and food security objectives;

Urgently respond to the secondary economic impacts of COVID-19, notably to 1) increase access of working capital with financial actors, 2) prevent and mitigate job losses, and 3) help respond to local and regional supply chain disruptions and shortages of critical medical supplies and services as well as for agricultural inputs and food staples.
Through this Co-Investment Fund and technical assistance, the Trade Hub will improve companies’ abilities to expand business operations, increase productivity, and create jobs that build on the talents and aspirations of West Africa’s growing population. The Trade Hub will collaborate on specific commercial opportunities with firms, service providers, research organizations, as well as other business network actors to access private capital that will contribute to large-scale jobs, exports and investment, particularly with strong demonstrated or potential links to the U.S. companies and investors.

Overview of the engagement
In November 2021, the Trade Hub awarded a co-investment grant to AviNiger, the largest egg producer in Niger to support the company recover from three natural disasters (COVID-19, the Avian Flu, and flooding) it experienced between 2019 and 2020.
Unfortunately, two (2) months after the Trade Hub signed the grant agreement with AviNiger in January 2022, new cases of avian flu were detected at AviNiger’s facilities. All birds at the site, nearly 40,000, were culled to prevent the spread of the virus in Niamey.

The Trade Hub is therefore seeking a poultry farm consultant to conduct an independent field audit of AviNiger’s facilities to review and evaluate the effectiveness of AviNiger’s prevention, detection and control systems and measures of the highly pathogenic avian influenza disease. And to produce recommendations in the form of a specific to do list to for AviNiger to implement to avoid and control avian influenza outbreaks in the future.

Key stakeholders
• AviNiger
• USAID Sahel regional office
• USAID Niger
• Ministry of Livestock – Veterinary Services Department
• West Africa Trade and Investment Hub – Public Private Partnership (PPP) division


The consultant will carry out a field audit of AviNiger’s facilities and meet with stakeholders in Niamey to review and evaluate the effectiveness of AviNiger’s prevention, detection and control systems and measures of the highly pathogenic avian influenza disease. The consultant will produce findings and will recommend stronger farm biosecurity measures in the form of a specific to-do-list for AviNiger to implement to avoid and control avian influenza outbreaks in the future.

Roles and responsibilities

The key tasks are expected to include:
• Conduct an independent assessment of AviNiger’s facilities to identify potential root causes of the contamination
• Assess the company’s current prevention, detection and control systems and measures and recommend an action plan to avoid and control future outbreaks.
• Determine if there is a systemic problem at the company’s facilities that makes AviNiger prone to avian flu outbreaks compared to its competitors in Niamey and the region.
• Examine the farm’s standard operating procedures, outlined emergency and euthanasia protocols and mortality and culling records.
• Determine when and under what conditions the company can restart operations, mindful of the generalized pandemic situation in Niger, and surrounding West Africa countries.


The consultancy is expected to take place during the month of June 2022. The assignment is expected to take a maximum of five (5) days, not including travel dates.


A written report to include the following:
• A general assessment of the company’s facilities
• Findings from meeting with stakeholders and relevant government agencies, Ministry of Livestock – Veterinary Services Department
• The consultant’s opinion on the root causes of the two cases of avian influenza AviNiger experienced between 2019 and 2021
• A list of recommendations to help AviNiger prevent and control future outbreaks of the virus in their flock
• A timeline for the implementation of recommendations, before AviNiger could resume operations if the company requires to strengthen its prevention measures.

Contractor requirements

• Veterinarian diploma or advanced degree in agronomy, poultry farming, public health/hygiene, or any other relevant discipline
• At least seven (7) years of relevant experience
• Experience conducting similar assessments
• Knowledge and experience supporting industrial poultry farming
• Knowledge and experience in international development and public policy, particularly with donor funded would be a distinct advantage
• Excellent communication skills in French and working knowledge of English (spoken and written) is essential including the ability to draft at a professional level in this language. Ability to work effectively in both languages preferred.
Proficiency in the use of Microsoft Office applications (Strong Word and PowerPoint skills)
Location of assignment: Niamey, Niger

How to apply To apply,

please submit the following:
• Bio of the proposed consultant
• Fees / daily rate
• A work plan that addresses the TOR
• Availability

Interested candidates should send their Cover letter and CVs to on or before 23rd May 2022 either in PDF or word format as one document.
Local candidates are strongly encouraged to apply. Only finalists will be contacted.