By Salimata Dia, Communications Specialist

The Senegalese agricultural industry witnessed a landmark event as Biosene proudly inaugurated its new industrial cereal production unit. This milestone, achieved after 36 months of dedicated efforts and collaboration, was supported financially and through the technical assistance of the USAID West Africa Trade & Investment Hub (Trade Hub).

Biosene factory in Bambilor. Photo credit: Biosene

The inauguration, made possible by a $905,000 co-investment grant from USAID, marks a crucial step in regional economic development. Distinguished guests, including Ibrahima Thiam, Secretary of State for SME/SMI Development at the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and Alyssa Leggoe, Mission Director of USAID/Senegal, attended the ceremony. This event not only celebrated Biosene’s achievements but also highlighted the significance of international cooperation in fostering sustainable economic growth.

Since partnering with USAID in April 2021, Biosene has significantly bolstered its competitiveness. The company has quadrupled its capacity to source raw materials, starting at 380 MT and reaching approximately 1,500 tons of millet, fruits, baobab powder, moringa, white beans, fonio, and hibiscus. This expansion has generated nearly $1.1 million in export sales and over $1.8 million in domestic market sales. Biosene’s workforce has grown from 57 to 177 employees, showcasing the co-investment partnership’s direct impact on local employment.

Cereal processing equipment. Photo Credit: Biosene

With the new facility, Biosene has increased its daily production capacity from 600 kg to 4 tons. This enhancement allows Biosene to fulfill an export order of 20 tons in only 7 days, a significant improvement from the previous 45 days. This progress enables Biosene to meet the growing international demand for nutritious, high-quality food products more efficiently.

Biosene’s CEO, Salamba Diene, has been lauded for her exceptional leadership. Since 2017, she has transformed the family business into a leading force in agricultural product processing. Her dedication to sustainable economic inclusion and the empowerment of women in rural and urban areas is exemplary.The inauguration ceremony was a memorable occasion celebrating Biosene’s success and the perseverance, dedication, and collaboration that made it possible. Garnering extensive media coverage, these achievements were shared with a wide audience.

Ribbon cutting at the inauguration ceremony. Photo Credit: Biosene

The inauguration of Biosene’s cereal production facility marks a decisive turning point for local agriculture and regional economic development. It underscores the strength of international partnerships and the potential for collaboration to create sustainable economic opportunities.

In her speech, Mrs. Fatou Dyana Ba, the Director of the Bureau de Mise à Niveau—which assists local businesses in Senegal to improve their competitiveness and contribute to industrial sector development—highlighted Biosene as an exemplary company “Biosene, can thus be cited as an example for all Senegalese entrepreneurs, eager to fully play their role in the development of industrial sectors that will elevate our country into the circle of the most industrialized African countries.” 

Congratulations to Biosene for this remarkable success and its vital role in promoting locally led advancements in agriculture and food security.