By Frantz Tavares, Public-Private Partnerships Consultant

USAID and Trade Hub representatives were able to see firsthand the progress co-investment partners in the island nation of Cabo Verde have made during field visits held March 14–21, 2022. The companies visited were Inpharma Laboratorios, Agrosoluções, SUCLA, Fresk D’Gustinh, and Injaro/Procapital. Collectively, these partnerships are expected to spur $15.9 million in investments, generate and retain 3,000 jobs, and produce $15 million in exports by April 2024.

The USAID/Trade Hub team included Sait Mboob, Private Enterprise Officer for USAID/Senegal’s Sahel Regional Office and the Activity Manager for the Trade Hub’s projects in Burkina Faso and Niger; Lotfi Kourdali, Trade Hub Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Director; and Frantz Tavares, Public-Private Partnerships Consultant for projects in the Sahel. Staff from the U.S. Embassy in Cabo Verde also joined some of the site visits, including Carla Brigham, an Economic & Commercial Section Officer.

The visit marked Mboob’s first visit to Cabo Verde. From viewing Inpharma’s new disinfectant unit and Fresk D’Gustinh’s fishing boat, to seeing Sucla’s and Agrosoluções’ ongoing work on infrastructure expansion, to learning more about Injaro/Procapital’s incorporation of the impact fund manager and fund licensing, both Mboob and the Trade Hub team were impressed.

Lotfi Kourdali (Trade Hub PPP Director, on the right) with Ruan Duarte, boat captain for the Tanixa, operated by Fresk D’ Gustinh. Tanixa is licensed for demersal, tuna, and pelagic fish in the waters of Cabo Verde and has a capacity of 22 tons.  Photo credit: Frantz Tavares/Trade Hub

A highlight of the team’s visit was the official launch of the Trade Hub’s co-investment partnership with SUCLA, for which U.S. Ambassador to Cabo Verde Jeff Daigle made a special appearance and presided over the ceremony. During his remarks, he noted the impact the project will deliver by creating jobs, in particular for the youth and women on the island. Watch TV coverage of the ceremony Cliquez.