Message from Our Chief of Party About COVID-19 and the Trade Hub

Good day to all,

Like others across the world, you are undoubtedly being confronted with the realities we all face from the unexpected COVID-19 pandemic. Governments, businesses, and households are taking precautionary measures to limit this outbreak and protect civilians, colleagues, and our loved ones from infection. The Trade Hub has already implemented these measures since mid-March. Staff is currently working remotely while our physical offices are closed indefinitely in an effort to do our part and limit the spread of COVID-19 in the West African region.

Nevertheless, in these times of crisis, the Trade Hub recognizes the importance of its role as a private sector catalyst in the upcoming months. To prospect companies, research institutions, and other potential partners, I can confirm to you all that the Trade Hub will continue to be fully operational during this time. As a USAID-funded program, the Trade Hub has a responsibility more than ever to generate private investment, create jobs, and increase trade across the region thanks to the support of the U.S. Government. Many within the private sector have also expressed their continued commitment to co-investment and are reassured to see the Trade Hub operating regularly. Indeed, we are presently developing these partnerships in preparation for significant post-pandemic impact in our areas of intervention. Despite the current situation, we remain confident that our efforts will sustainably support businesses, workers, and smallholder farmers in the upcoming months.

We thank you for your continued support to the Trade Hub and look forward to implementing these co-investment partnerships in the very near future. All the best and stay safe.


Michael Clements
Chief of Party
West Africa Trade and Investment Hub

7 thoughts on “Message from Our Chief of Party About COVID-19 and the Trade Hub

  1. COVID-19 has changed the way we live and work almost overnight. Analysts world over are struggling to keep pace with the impact on economies, sectors and firms. One thing that we already know, however, is that this crisis is accelerating an already growing trend towards digitalization.
    From virtual meetings to automated factories, online orders to drone delivery, digital services are growing in importance, permeating an increasing number of sectors and activities. Digitally agile firms are adapting to the ongoing crisis more successfully, and others are rapidly skilling up in response to challenges to their business models.
    For governments looking to drive economic recovery after the pandemic, supporting such digital competitiveness is a necessity. One way is through foreign direct investment (FDI & DDI) in the digital economy, in other words, “Digital FDI & DDI.”
    Nigeria government is currently putting together a new policy direction for FDI & DDI, investment policy that will address Digital FDI & DDI.

  2. COVID-19 is a new opportunity to research and develop new ways of getting the agricultural sector into production of raw materials in form of weeds, crops of no significant economic values and increased production of many viable west Africa agricultural produce.The large scale production of many crops will definitely enter the bew agenda of agricultural production due to the production of herbal remedies alternatives for COVID cure. This will enable sustainable production of such herbal remedies and will enable job creation for the farmers, farm worker, materials testing experts, transporters, data collection and many within the value chain. This is a research and an opportunity worthy of exploring.

  3. Merci au Directeur Général pour les actions et les pensées positives pour les familles et les entreprises en ce temps difficile de COVID19.

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