The Trade Hub will be targeting co-investment partnerships in Cabo Verde to mitigate the economic crisis caused by COVID-19. These partnerships will support Cabo Verde businesses working in labor-intensive, women, and youth dominated sectors severely affected by the pandemic. More specifically, the Trade Hub will work with financial institutions to expand the availability of working capital for SMEs and obtain new financing lines to support their operations. The Trade Hub will also support companies to not only retain current employment levels but also create new jobs in an effort to stimulate economic growth.

Companies working in greatly affected business networks, such as tourism, IT, financial institutions, agriculture, textiles, and other exportable goods, are strongly encouraged to apply for co-investment funding. Businesses are expected to provide at least a 1:1 matching contribution of new private investment to be eligible for co-investment. The Trade Hub can also provide technical assistance to help businesses export to the United States duty-free under AGOA.

Covid-19 Rapid Response (Cabo Verde)

Annual Program Statement (APS) – English

Declaração Anual do Programa – Portuguese